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We have been involved with Welsh Springer Spaniels since 1999 when D'arcy (Ch Plattwood DarcyTD) first came to live with us as an 8 week old puppy. We first started showing D'arcy & Saffi(Ch Laugharne Nordic Light) in 2000.

We now live in semi-rural Upper Beaconsfield which is 47kms from Melbourne. We have just under 2 acres which gives the dogs ample space to run and play.

We bred our first litter, the MaesgwynPrecious Gems litter, in October 2002 and kept a bitch, Buffy (Ch Maesgwyn Star RubyTDX), from that litter. we also co-owned two other Welshies from that litter, Lucy (Maesgwyn Tigers Eye) and Riggs (Maesgwyn Precious Topaz).

Our second litter, the Maesgywn Warriors litter, was whelped in February 2006. We have kept a dog, Ch Maesgwyn Duke of MarmaTD. We have three Welsh in partnership, Jenna, Maesgwyn Sword Maiden, Hudson, Maesgwyn White Oberon and Manny, Maesgwyn Royal Warrior.

The Thunder and Light litter was whelped on 28 November 2008 and produced two puppies, Polly (Ch Maesgwyn Light Olaugharne) and Waldo (Maesgwyn Thunder Olaugharne).

In March 2012, we had our first AI litter with Polly and Fin Ch Benton Kings Cross, the Maesgwyn Royal Suits. We kept a bitch, Duchess, Ch Maesgwyn Queen of Hearts and we co-own Ch Maesgwyn King of Hearts (AI) TD.

In June 2010, Brianna, Laugharne Gem OMaesgwyn (AI) came to live with us and we mated Brianna and Duke, Ch Maesgwyn Duke of Marma in January 2012 - this is the Maesgwyn Royal Peers of Marma litter. We have kept a dog from this litter, Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma - Morgan.

The Star Rubies litter was born on 29 April 2015 - Ch Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma X Ch Laugharne Nordic Light, named in honour of their grandmother Buffy, Ch Maesgwyn Star Ruby TDX. We are proud to be in partnership with two puppies from this litter - Saiffi, Ch Maesgwyn Lucia Ruby with Paul and Rebecca Valetta and Billie, Maesgwyn Liberty Belle Ruby with Angela Henderson.

We then mated Morgan, Ch Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma to Duchess, Ch Maesgwyn Queen of Hearts who produced our seventh litter, the Maesgwyn Hearts litter on 27 February 2016.

We repeated this mating and the Maesgwyn Poldark litter was born on 25 January 2018 - this was our last litter.

Like many people, the first time we saw a Welsh Springer Spaniel was in a book. We were attracted by the description of the breed and went on a search to find a puppy. We fell head over heels in love with the breed the moment we saw our first Welsh at Beth and Trevor Marschall's property in Barossa Valley (Laugharne Welsh Springer Spaniels) and knew it was the breed for us. We were also very lucky that we were able to find our Welshies very quickly and didn't have to wait 12 months or more as so many other owners have had to do.

Our Welshies are companions, first and show dogs, second. We campaign our dogs until they obtain their Australian titles and then focus on specialty and large shows.

In 2013 we started tracking for the first time and D’arcy gained his Tracking Dog Title, TD at 14 years of age. Since then, Brianna has obtained her Tracking Champion title - making her our first Tracking Champion and also the first Laugharne Tracking Champion. Flynn, Ch Maesgwyn King of Hearts became the first of the first of the Maesgwyn Dogs to gain a TD title and in 2014 Buffy gained her TDX title, Tracking Dog Excellent and Duke his TD title. Tracking is a wonderful sport and a lot of fun for the handlers and dogs and Welsh Springer Spaniels have shown themselves to be naturals.

We are very proud of our dogs' achievements in the showring, tracking and the positive impact they have made on the breed.

We have also been very fortunate that we have met some truly wonderful people through our dogs who have helped us enormously and provided much advice and support in the show ring and when breeding our first litter. We have made many good friends.

During our association with the breed, we have met many other owners and breeders both in person and via the internet and theinformation on this website is based on our personal experience and what we have learnt from other people.

Youlla Kyriacou & David Read

Upper Beaconsfield, Vic, Australia


Phone 0418 597 553

Youlla Kyriacou & David Read 2014

Youlla Kyriacou 2014