Maesgwyn Star Rubies

Whelped on 29 April 2015, this is the first litter where both sire and dam are our own home bred Maesgwyn Welsh Springer Spaniels.

The sire Morgan, Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma from the Maesgwyn Royal Peers litter and the dam is Polly, Ch Maesgwyn Light OLaugharne. This is Polly’s second litter and combines the Don’s and Benton lines.

This litter has been named in honour of Buffy, Ch Maesgwyn Star Ruby TD. Buffy was from our first litter and died suddenly in early 2015, so it seemed fitting that should name this litter after her. She is also the puppies aunty.

polly's puppies day 3 2196.jpg

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