The Poldark Litter - born 25 January 2018

This litter is a repeat mating of the Maesgwyn Hearts litter whelped in 2016. Both sire and dam have had all relevant health tests and have achieved their Australian Show Champion titles. But they are our beloved companions first and foremost.

There are 5 boys and 4 girls and, as the name suggests, they have been named after characters in the Poldark series.

Green boy - Ross, Yellow boy - Dwight, Orange boy - Francis, Blue Boy - Jeremy and Black boy - Drake

Brown girl - Demelza, Red girl - Morwenna, Purple girl - Prudie and Pink girl - Verity.

All puppies are now with their new families and below is a random selection of photos.

poldark litter 4 days IMG 5716 frame.jpg

poldark pups activity centre 4wks 6011.jpg

Our new activity centre - 4 weeks

persey 2 yrs w poldark pups 5977 edited-1.jpg

Playing with big sister Persephone

prudie d30 5926.jpg


poldark pups tunnel d30 5963.jpg

Our new worm tunnel

poldark pups day 29 deck 5860.jpg

First time on the back deck - day 29

poldark pups d29 ross & duchess 5851.jpg

Ross & Mum - day 29

poldark pups day 27 demelza & ross 5838.jpg
poldark pups day 27 morwenna 5847.jpg

Morwenna - day 28

poldak pups day 23 5833.jpg
poldark pups day 23 playing 5820.jpg

poldark pups day 23 feeding frenzy 5800.jpg
poldark pups day 23 feeding frenzy 5801.jpg

poldark pups day 23 sleeping 5791.jpg
verity & dwight poldark puppies day 23 IMG 5835 editjpg

poldark 1st meal 18 days IMG 5784.jpg

18 days old - first mushy meal in their new ‘extension’. A bit messy, but they got the hang of it!

poldark puppies 10 days IMG 5770.jpg

10 days

puppies 5 days IMG 5733

6 days old - chilled out

IMG 5707 poldark puppies day 3.JPG

Duchess and puppies - day 3

IMG 5710 prudie with mum day 3.JPG


IMG 5711 drake day 3JPG


IMG 5712 poldark puppies day 3 edit.jpg

Bundle of puppies

poldark litter 4 days IMG 5716.jpg

Proud mum - day 4

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