Our dogs

We now share our lives with seven Welsh Springer Spaniels. All of of whom are very individual and special to us.

We also have the pleasure of co-owning three dogs:

Flynn, GrCh Maesgwyn King of Hearts (AI)TD with Terry Van Ewyk (also from our fourth litter). Flynn is also the first Maesgwyn Welsh Sprnger Spaniel to attain his TD title and a Grand Championship title.

Saffi, Ch Maesgwyn Carmen Lucia Ruby with Paul & Rebecca Valetta

Billie, Maesgwyn Liberty Belle Ruby with Angela Henderson.

All have attended obedience school from 8 weeks of age and have attained their Ideal Dog Certificates. All our dogs are Australian Champions, Duke, Saffi & Buffy have all won Best In Specialty Show awards and all have have won multiple in show awards. Polly was short listed for Puppy In Group at the Adelaide Royal Show in 2009. Flynn has won several Runner up In Group awards and many other in group awards.

Youlla Kyriacou 2022